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As a skilled tailor, starting just from the finest fabrics, creates unique garments to fulfill the dreams and desires of his own customers, with the same philosophy are designed and built
our customized cars.

Without compromise.
Carbon fiber "pre-preg". High quality leathers, flame retardants and with innovative heat treatment capable of reducing by 60% from overheating when exposed to the sun, with obvious benefits in terms of comfort.

Velvet silk, soft cashmere, walnut briarwood and Vavona wood for the interiors.

Exclusively superior materials are used, able to guarantee the maximum in terms of quality and performance, but also to ensure full respect for the environment, in terms of lightweight, recycling and environmentally-friendly.

Dynamic tension in volumes.
The infinite shades of color that can be used are developed each time according to specific customer requests to exalt the best reflexes and the proportions of the body.

Technology, craftsmanship and passion.
Every single component is hand-manufactured by craftsmen, panel beaters, saddlers and highly skilled workforce in Turin factories specialized in one-off and limited edition cars production.
The metal parts are obtained from precision mechanical work and assembled later, manually, one by one.

Collectible cars.
Customized, no catalog. The Customer is personally involved in all phases of the project, from the first sketches to the final creation of his own one-off, through a continuous dialogue and a periodic observation of the work.

The Customer will personally define the paint for the body, the leather embossing, the softness of the fabrics, the wood grain, the colors and the materials for the interiors.

In the continuity of the Italian coachbuilders great tradition.

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